PENUELI (formerly Pineles), SHEMUEL YESHAYAHU (1904–1965), Hebrew critic and teacher. Born in Galicia, he   taught at the Hebrew Teachers' Seminary in Vilna and settled in Ereẓ Israel in 1935. For 11 years he was the principal of the school at Nahalal, and later became the principal of the Givat ha-Sheloshah Teachers' Seminary. In 1954 he was appointed lecturer in literature at Tel Aviv University, subsequently becoming head of the department. He published articles on literature and education. The literary critic's task, according to Penueli, is to uncover the author's subconscious as it is revealed in his works. Therefore, Penueli relied heavily on psychological theories, especially on Freud. His books on Hebrew literature include: Demuyyot be-Sifrutenu ha-Ḥadasha (1946); Ḥayyim Hazaz (1954); Yeẓirato shel S.Y. Agnon (1960); Safrut ki-Feshutah (1963); Massah alha-Yafeh she-be-Ommanut ha-Sifrut (1965); Brenner u-Gnessin ba-Sippur ha-Ivri shel Reshit ha-Me'ah ha-Esrim (1965). He also co-edited the English anthology Hebrew Short Stories, 2 vols. (1965). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: G. Kressel, Leksikon, 2 (1967), 645. (Getzel Kressel)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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